Bella Hadid’s Plastic Surgery and Her Shot to Stardom

At only 20 years old, she has shot to supermodel status. But what did it take to have a face and body like her? Bella Hadid’s plastic surgery had a hand on how she looks like now. You can see from her earlier photos that she looked way different. Puberty may also have contributed to the changes. Nevertheless, she is on a roll and she has many more years to prove her worth in showbiz.

Bella is Gigi’s sister, who is also a supermodel. Having a sister for a model must have pressured her to enhance her looks through plastic surgery.

Bella Hadid’s plastic surgery journey may have started with her nose. She had a more downward-pointing nose when she was younger.

Today her nose looks slimmer, sharper and suits her face better. The rhinoplasty may have altered the eyes a bit, but the change was minimal.

When she started appearing in social functions she was a bit plumper, but over the years she has toned down to prepare for her modeling career.

Her face now looks androgynous, which is what the modeling industry looks for in models so they can be versatile when they wear different types of creations.

Bella maintains her figure to stay relevant in the modeling world. It is either because of going to the gym and dieting or with the help of plastic surgery.

You can see how much her face has changed from her teenage years. Gone were the plump cheeks, round face and square chin.

Bella’s exotic look is thanks to her mixed-race parents. She enhances her facial features with either makeup or a bit of help from her plastic surgeon.

She remains youthful-looking despite the cosmetic procedures done mainly on her face. After all, she’s only 20 and she has a long way to go for her whole look to evolve.

Her recent stint at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show showed her body with barely anything on and we can see how much she has worked hard for it and will continue to do so in the years to come.