Progeria facts – Important reminders

For almost three decades ago, progeria was not even known in the virtual world. This was the case because of how rare the mentioned disease is. Since then, research occurs. This was undertaken until that of the 1990’s. Needless to say, Progeria will always be a rare genetic disease. This is experienced in childhood which is also characterized by this premature, dramatic aging. Most Progeria facts will agree that the condition has affected almost 8 million people already, most of them, newborn. This is the case all over the world. This also comes with its severe form. This is where Hutchinson-Gildford progeria syndrome is talk about.

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More about Progeria

Since they are only newborns, these children with progeria normally look normal. However, as the year goes by, the rate of their growth will then slow down. This is why they can become shorter. They may even weigh lesser than others who are on the same age. Do not get this wrong because they also possess this normal intelligence. However, the physical appearance may be quite difference. Children with such are always bald. The look of their skin is also aged even if they are very young. Their nose may somehow be pinched too. Aside from this, the jaw may be relative to the size of the head and this is also true with the small face the person is with. Symptoms may also be suffered from. This is the case for older people. For instance, there may be joint stiffness. There may also be hip discolorations and even cardiovascular disease. This may be progressive too.

Most of the time, children who suffer from progeria are most likely to pursue coronary artery bypass. They may also ponder on angioplasty. There is an attempt to make the life of people easy here. This is necessary because there is a tenfold of cardiovascular complications that have to be taken care of this way. This progressive atherosclerosis must be handled and dealt with this way. But then, the sad truth is that there is no treatment or even cure for the disease yet. This also goes with its own underlying condition.

The average age of the person who has this is 13. Afterwards, the person is expected to die. This may usually happen because of stroke or heart attack.

In the year 2003, researchers were funded. With that, they were able to discover that Progeria is brought by tiny mutation which is brought about by a single gene. This is dubbed as the Lamin A. This is sometimes referred to as the LMNA. Laboratory tests will be done in here. This will involve a ton of cells which will be taken from many patients with progeria. There are researchers who found out that the mutation is always responsible for the abnormal lamin A production. This is the main reason why the cells of the patient can be destabilized at some point.

Today, there is still a test available for the disease. This was in contrary to the usual tests which were only done physically. This is suitable for young people too.